Why Painting Brake Calipers Is Awesome

11th June 2010
Painting Brake calipers can really make a set of rims look good. Not to mention make a whole vehicle look great. When it comes to painting brake calipers, there are a butt load of different ways to go about doing it. With so many people creating new ways ... Read >

Are Red LED Lights Illegal Inside My Car?

11th June 2010
Are Red LED Lights Legal On My Car? Red led lights and other lights need to be looked into when it comes to putting them on the outside or inside of your vehicle. Can I put led lights under my car? And can I drive with them on? This is a very co... Read >

Do You Hate Subwoofer Sound?

08th April 2010
The subwoofer sound of bass is music to my ears and there is just no way around it. I have figured out from my past of being in the car audio industry, that people really frown upon loud subwoofer sound. I think the very low bass is be though of as "gangs... Read >