Do You Hate Subwoofer Sound?

Published: 08th April 2010
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The subwoofer sound of bass is music to my ears and there is just no way around it. I have figured out from my past of being in the car audio industry, that people really frown upon loud subwoofer sound. I think the very low bass is be though of as "gangster kids up to no good" type of deal. I think the top reasons why people hate the loud subwoofer sound of bass include:

1. Bad Reputation

I think people somewhat judge you when your car has super loud bass levels. The sound of subwoofers is easily heard from others and that is sometimes the idea behind it. I believe that people that frown upon bass in cars, have profiled a stereotype from some of the past people they have seen with loud bass.

For instance, you see a gang of guys in a convertible Impala jamming loud bass levels. Tattoos everywhere, flat brim hats, you name it. This is where the reputation and stereotype are created. It is not fair for others to be stereotyped.

2. Annoyance

Loud sound levels are to be heard in other areas other than around the source. This can be very annoying to different types of people. Maybe the loud sound of bass is not annoying to the bass junkie, but I bet someone cranking a stereo with a music they hate will annoy them too.

It is just a difference in ways of life. I myself am a bass junkie. But to think of the entire spectrum of it, it seems it could easily be annoying to just about anyone around you. So even though I love bass, I am still thinking of others while trying to achieve my love for the subwoofer sound of bass.

Author Chris, writes tons of articles involving the love for cars and more. Check out some more subwoofer sound guides at some of the help guides he is involved with. Living with bad subwoofer sound quality can really effect the quality of a lot of movies, songs, and more.

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