Why Painting Brake Calipers Is Awesome

Published: 11th June 2010
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Painting Brake calipers can really make a set of rims look good. Not to mention make a whole vehicle look great. When it comes to painting brake calipers, there are a butt load of different ways to go about doing it. With so many people creating new ways to do this task, the turn outs are amazing. Let's dig up some of the major questions and answers out there for doing this.

Is this job or task going to kill the bank for me?

How cheap is it going to be, or what is it going to ask in another words? Paint on average is going to cost anywhere from ninety nine cents a can to thirty dollars a can. You can be the judge on that, but I would pick a happy medium. With paint, you get what you pay for remember.

Primers are pretty cheap. I suggest filler primer since it really helps fill imperfections metal has a lot of the time. Filler primer almost works like spot putty or bondo on the metal when it comes to painting brake calipers. Price is around two dollars to eight dollars a can. There are kits used to paint calipers as well too. If interested maybe take a look into that.

Can I do this alone? How hard is it to do?

I would say on a scale from one to ten on easy to hardness of do it yourself, this job is a three. Meaning very easy in another words. This is just not that hard people. You take the wheels off, figure out how you want to paint your caliper. If you want to tape it off and leave it assembled or remove it and spray away. I would also say that you only need yourself, and not anybody else.

How many hours of time will this take of my time?

Depending on how easy everything goes, and how many problems you do not have. That will result in how long it takes you. It pretty much depends on how many different variables of problems you have happen to you and your vehicle while trying to do this job. I wish I could give you a for sure amount of time, but every vehicle and every person is different.

Author Chris is a big time fan of wheels and cars looking good. A good way to set off a vehicle with nice wheels is by painting brake calipers. It's an easy do it yourself task that really boosts the look of any vehicle. For more information on painting brake calipers, you can check out some of his guides.

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